PFC International, Inc  was established in 2005 as the first division of a company to build membership of individuals and non-profit organizations that emphasized the priorities in life should be focused on the Spiritual Fitness first, the Physical Fitness second, and the Financial Fitness third in that order. It is believed that by establishing this order ,  God will bless each of these areas in setting the proper balance in life. Since the Spiritual fitness to some individuals is the primary reason they would wish to become a member in this type of organization, the company established a completely free position called People For Christ International ( ) which has its own website and link to join with no cost to the member, yet it provides benefits that are primarily focused on the Christian principles as a guide for sharing these benefits to others around the world. It include  a downloadable Bible, a daily devotion, and an option to help  create funds for worthy causes such as non-profit ministries, and humanitarian needs. The membership is non-denominational.  However,  it uplifts Christianity by emphasizing the Bible as the guide to enhance the spiritual values in life. One of its primary goals is to help  restore some of the worthy principles on which  America was founded.  Your membership will help America to keep the principle of “In God We Trust” alive and well.


Daily Devotions

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Monday - Friday at 6:30 AM CST.

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Customer Service

Questions can be directed to our customer Service voicemail system and your question will be directed to the right person. Call 337-476-1262