Mission and Purpose

The Mission and Purpose of PFC International which is a Christian organization that intends to create a million member organization with a balance in its purpose to help its members place the right priorities in their life. By placing Spiritual Fitness as the first priority, it is believed that God will provide the Physical and Financial Fitness in that order.  It is the goal of PFC to lift the emblem that portrays the message of Love that Christ brought to the earth, and the Cross is boldly displayed on the home page of this site. In an age when the Anti Christ spirit is gaining so much ground, it is believed that this organization can present a unified message to help restore some of the values that our founding fathers brought to America, spelled it out in our Constitution, placed it on our currency, and planted on the graves of our fallen American soldiers. Even though PFC is a non-denominational organization, it does promote Christian principles and has a daily devotional open to its members on a volunteer basis to help start the day off on the right foot. It also has a downloadable Bible that can be downloaded anywhere in the world, and this allows each member to have a part in sharing a Bible ministry around the world. The management and board of directors are elected by a small group of stockholders with special emphasis on the spiritual values in their lives.

The second part of the mission and purpose of PFC is to help individuals become a “Better You” by providing self improvement books, audio visual productions and mentoring by positive motivated individuals that are passionate about helping others improve their lives in all areas. Online self improvement universities and e-books will be developed to help you to become a”Better You”,  but the world to be a “Better World” so we can all have a “Better Tomorrow”.

The third part of PFC’s mission is to help Fund worthy causes such as churches, ministries, non-profit organizations, and humanitarian needs.  A variety of fundraising methods will be available depending on the specific needs. Both short term immediate need programs will be available, as well as, programs that create a continuity of residual income to payoff mortgages or to provide funds for outreach and expansion of existing projects. Several ministries and youth programs have been targeted and this list will be expanded over the next few years. It is planned to  establish Fund For Needs Training Centers in areas where there is leadership support of people willing to help. Some of these activities will be channeled through our Funds For Needs division.  

Funds For Needs brings a business mall of both conventional and homebased businesses that are well researched. By utilizing a Charitable Trust,  Revelations Is Fund Raising can assist in creating multiple streams of income for ministries and 501c3 organizations that promote humanitarian causes. The  Charitable Trust, will act as a method to getting additional contributions into the 501c3 organization. And at the same time protecting the non-profit status of that organization. You may visit www.FundsForNeeds.com and open the link “Revelation Is Fundraising” to view some of the programs used.. To have a custom made Fund Raiser for any non-profit organization the following link can be used to download a request form:

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